Philadelphia Healing and Empowerment 

With the right tools and guidance, we can unravel blockages and allow our systems to find balance. To be free from blockages will allow you to enjoy greater physical health and mental clarity. There is truly an ocean of bliss that we can each discover within ourselves! I have received numerous certifications including Conscious Breathwork, Access BARS, Innerdance and SOMA Therapy. I integrate components of each of these into my sessions.

Conscious Breathwork is a powerful tool to clear away old energies, negative thought patterns and physical tension in order to allow more space for aliveness and joy.

Access Bars is a form of energy healing which promotes deep relaxation, dissolving tension and stress. It is common for one to feel energized and expansive after receiving a session. 

SOMA is a comprehensive system centered around music, relaxation and hypnotherapy. It is an effective way to instill positive change. 


Private Session Details

 I will provide guidance and support as you activate your body's natural healing mechanisms. During a session you can expect:

  • Gentle touch

  • Deep states of relaxation and energetic flow 

  • Guided Visualization

  • Breathing / Empowerment Techniques

  • Emotional and Physical Release.


The work I offer will help you to experience greater well being in your life. Some of the most common symptoms those find relief from include anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction and phobias. 

To experience deep healing I strongly suggest following through with a series of sessions. As our relationship grows, we create more trust between one other. This allows us to go much deeper and unravel more blockages




1. What type of problems can breathwork /energy work help? The services I offer address the root causes of mental and physical imbalances. Some of the more common ailments people find relief from include anxiety, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), overcoming addiction, migraine headaches and overall lack of motivation. 

2. What is the first session typically like? We will discuss the specific challenge or issue you are looking to overcome. We will also explore and discuss current life situations as well as what you know about childhood and family patterns that may still be influencing your life. You will then decide on an intention before we enter the healing process. 

3. How many sessions will I need? I recommend following through with a series of sessions but ultimately you should trust your intuition to decide if more sessions will be beneficial. 

4. What type of payment do you accept? Cash, Check or Venmo 


"My experience working with Rob was tremendous - he was extremely accommodating and assisted me through the breathwork process with gentle but firm encouragement. I've spent years seeking a therapy that truly helps with mental, emotional, and metaphysical health, trying many different methods. With confidence, I can say that Rob provided one of (if not the) most effective experiences I've had thus far in my journey for a stronger psychological and spiritual foundation. That, and he is a huge sweetheart! Again, thank you Rob for what you do."

Eeden Shale

"As my body relaxed, I started to feel a little dizzy, like the room was spinning. Then I could feel currents moving through my body. It was quite strange. Rob put his hands on different points along my head - he called them energy centers. I felt something unlatch itself and ooze out of my chest and I started to cry. I put myself in the fetal position and he placed his hands on my neck. Again, it felt like something was leaving me that I'd been holding onto for a long time. 

Eventually the session ended, and I felt a little drained but very grateful to Rob. Ever since I've been feeling lighter and more joyous. I'm still not sure what happened but I understood that it was very important, and that Rob's work is important. He somehow intuitively understood my emotions and how to bring them to the surface"

Wavinya Mutua

"I had never done energy work or any sort of therapy before so I was initially apprehensive of BARS and its impact on my own life. However, the experience was lifechanging. The practice itself was extremely relaxing and professional. Rob has amazing energy and openness which creates a natural comfortability and allows you to physically feel transfers of energy and fall deeply into your own meditations. Within days of my session I had one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life, a time suppressed but brought to the forefront by this work, which allowed me to confront and overcome emotional weight I had been carrying for years. I truly believe through his faciliation Rob freed me. 6/5 stars."

Pope Rauch

I have worked with Rob for a handful of breath and energy work sessions. My experience has been been nothing short of profound. I have seen great benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally since working with Rob. Through his healing work and guidance, traumas have been uncovered, understood and able to be released in a safe and loving space. Rob is also one of the most caring and loving humans I have ever met. I highly recommend working with Rob for healing work of any kind. Thank you, Rob, for sharing your gift!

Ryan Menard

I was "half awake and half asleep during the treatment
All I felt is a very comfortable flow of energy entering my body
Now, I am still in this earthly body but feel lighter
some of the old beliefs are vanishing...

It was a fantastic experience
Thank you Rob!"


"In the past year, my brain has had so much pressure which led to an incomprehensible mess of thoughts. It felt like knotting or a stone stuck in my head. Since Rob's session, the feeling of a stone is no longer there. My brain and mind are both clear. An hour of energy healing is not a short time. Rob has pure and profound strength and energy. Thank you!"

Quan Yu