Energy Healing

For a powerful energetic experience, I integrate two healing modalities: Access Bars and Innerdance. During an Access Bars session, I will gently touch 32 points on the head and feet which activate energy channels. Barriers to life are deconstructed and we return to a more expanded and self empowered state of being. Learn more about the Access BARS here

Innerdance is a meditation of trust and surrender. Music is played which carries you through a series of brainwave progressions, similar to that of when you sleep.  

I have found that these two modalities weave together quite beautifully. The more you surrender to the experience, the more space you allow for energy to flow. 


"A catharsis is a very rapid releasing of a person's internal trapped energies, a letting go of pent-up tension held within the mind and body at a breakneck pace.

People will only enter into catharsis if their lower mind gives way to the higher mind in a comfortable setting, trusting that the moment, the space, and the people involved allows for deep release of energy." 

 - Pi Villaraza, Founder of Innerdance